3 miscarriages and 1 ectopic pregnancy

I’ve had 3 micarriages within one year and a half, my doctor don’t seems to know the cause. just after the 3rd miscarriage, the last pregnancy was ectopic. My hubby and I were so excited about the pregnancy and we decided to keep it to ourself and not go for scan until the 5th month. But these sharp pains and bleeding and bouts of dizziness will not stop, that was when the doctor broke it to us that it was ectopic pregnancy. It was a great pain to us considering I will be losing one of my tubes to take out the ectopic b4 it costs me my life.

Surgery was successful and a year later God blessed me with identical twin boys. I just want to encourage other TTC mum who has gone through same not to lose faith in God cos he’s still in d business of doing miracles and he will do yours too very very soon.


I sympathise with her u and it’s very courageous of you, I can understand you cos have been in that situation and no amount of pity or words of encouragement can console u enough.

I still blame myself for mine cos the doctor already warned me to bend too suddenly and reduce stress but my sister’s wedding was close and I had to help with some of the arrangements, this outs me at 4 months gone. While at d market I could feel all wet and woozy but didn’t care to be observant. On getting home, the blood was more and heavy and too tired to go out cos hubby was away.

I managed to wait till the next day as pains and cramps has taken over me, But on getting to d hospital, examination and scan, the doctor broke the news that he has to flush me to remove the remaining. Devastated was an understatement but I know that very soon, God will out smiles on my face and I shall not lose my baby again. I take my solace in God now and prayers. May all our prayers be answered sooner than we expect.

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