40 and TTC


Any in her 40s and TTC , I am let’s take this journey together


@Babydreams good morning sis. There’s a lady on our FB page who may be older than 40 and ttc too, I will encourage her to join the platform so you can walk the journey together. Baby dusts and speedy positive results very soon. Amen.


Hello, am over 40 and TTC too. Am really happy to come across this platform.


Welcome on board to fruitfulness sisters @Babydreams @Beeceepretty07. Our prayers is to celebrate our fruitfulness and joy with one another very soon. Please let’s connect and discuss how we can support one another.


Yes o.
What I did this cycle is to take the banana milk,raw eggs and bicarbonate of soda combo. I actually took it last cycle and this. I wanted to go all natural and see what God can do.
God knows and hears, He has pronounced us fruitful and that’s what we are. Our songs will change soon


Amen. Well done sis.
I will also suggest adding the Maca root powder to smoothies and cereals. Also, making ginger tea. These were very helpful for me.


Ok. Will consider that next cycle. That is if there will next cycle sef. I bind menses and but her in jail for the next 9 month in Jesus name. Amen​:joy::joy::joy:




I am 40 and happy to take this journey with you. It will end in praise​:dancer::dancer::dancer::+1::pray:


Amen sista.




You are on the right track sis


Amen and Amen


I actually got pregnant that last cycle but it became an angel. Glory be to God, the struggle continues. Who is is charting their BBT with fertility friend