Abuja Xmas Hangout


Hello Mamas

New Members, Introduce Yourself Here

@Dyolahh @Sugargal where are you sisters oo and others in Abuja. We have people already waiting for you already in the group to join and plan together. Please other mamas in Abuja show your face so we can have a fun day. @J_don @ijato thanks for your patience sisters. I will start flooding their inbox with messages now :joy:


Lol… Hello all. Please how do I join the group


You can inbox me your number to add on the group or join by clicking on the "Abuja ttc.ng Xmas hangout on the whataspp Group invite above.

Thanks for your response sis :kissing_heart: and how’s the lil one…kicking well I’m sure.


Hello sisters, I trust our day is going well.
A quick update on our hangout. These are the highlights:

  1. Introduce and Discuss where we are in our journey
  2. Share ideas on how we can support one another
  3. A guest gynae to speak to us on infertility as well as answer questions we have
  4. Self empowerment talk
  5. Sex talk in Marriage and many more.

These among other things, but it’s only fun when we have people to benefit from it. Please Abuja brethren and Sisters let’s join the whatsapp group to make this happen. The Lagos group are trying small small. People are joining daily. Struggling to get people to join takes away the fun. Let’s catch some fun and me informed in this hangout.

I hope we can get more responses with this updates.
Cheers and God bless!


Am here mamas…I stay in Abuja. Karu to be precise



Thank you @Zinnypresh and welcome to motherhood. The Abuja sisters will be very excited to have you in the Xmas hangout group. Please kindly inbox me your number to add you or click the link in the whatsapp group invite to join. Please holla if there’s any challenge


Good afternoon… Am new here. Live in garki…how do i join d group?


Welcome on board @Prettypraise to motherhood. Please click on the red "Abuja ttc.ng Xmas Hangout" above or send me your number in a private message to add you. Please holla if you having any challenge joining


Mothers please I nid so many clarification cos I’m gradually loosing it and BT my God kips holding me strong… I did a hormonal profile in 2015,progesterone was low at day21, I didn’t take it serious den,not up till nw.I started seeing dis gynea and he sent me for series of test including HSG.the hormonal profile came out bad asing FSH and LH were high meaning I was not ovulating all this while.HSG result came out worst that d dye was not spilling.Gynea said no blockage but I have to do a laparoscopy and due test… Abeg I still can’t understand…


You’ve started already @Sandykay and welcome to motherhood. You can share your experience, ask a question or get clarification on any topic that has been discussed. The floor is open, please feel free.


when is it going down?


Dec 16th @ Tobix Garden. Please join the whatsapp group to get update for the hangout information.


What is the WhatsApp group number so i can join?


@Fpeter you can click on the Orange Abuja ttc.ng Xmas Hangout at the beginning of this thread. You will join automatically.


Good morning fruitful sisters.
A quick update on our hangout for those that reside in Abuja. From the whatsapp group, we have agreed to go to Tobix Recreational Park & Garden. Everyone coming is expected to confirm their attendance and if they are coming with anyone as well as what they are bringing. If the numbers exceed certain limits, we may have to pay for entrance. But as it is entrance is free! :dancer::dancer::dancer::dancer:. so that’s where we are now!
More updates will follow as we get closer.