Adhesions and scar tissues


Am happy to be here
Pls am ttc. I had mycomectomy in 2016 and adhesions followed. Been have irregular menses. Pls any one has an idea on how to cure adhesions


Hello there,
I know this is an old post, but just in case you’re still trying to heal and get rid of scar tissue - Flaxseed oil is very good with getting rid of scar tissue. So find the capsules and take it regularly.
However it is recommended to take Flaxseed oil only from ovulation through the luteal phase until the onset of menses (approximately day 14-21).

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Simi Sara


Pls how Can or where can I get the flaxseed oil


Hello there, sorry I’m just seeing your message.
Where are you based? You can buy some on
If you are in Lagos, I think can also get flaxseed oil from health food pharmacies.


Tks so much. Am based in Aba . I think I will have to try checking at pharmaceutical stores. My menses is so dry(scanty) and dark. It’s not been easy and I don’t want to undergo Adheolysis again