After Flushing God did it for Her


I count her lucky bcos I know other TTC mums sho have been married and trying longer than she did who are yet to celebrate the joy of motherhood. Let me tell you something, God never fails, be steadfast and follow your doctors advice. I’m sharing this testimony for my friend who has been married for a year and half who just called me to share the joy of being pregnant. She never relents, from diff blood tests and Xrays to discover the real issue, to continues medication, flushing (hydrotubulation) to monitoring ovulation, to midnight prayer and fasting . It wasn’t easy, month in, month out, it has been same story but she’s now 2 months pregnant. It’s never too late expectant mothers cos your baby is on the way. Baby dust to y’all.


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hydrotubulation pls was it done in Nigeria? Area and how much?