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Good morning,am new here and i need your help.have been married for a year and 5months now but still a ttc.i did pregnancy test some months ago and the sample used was blood and was positive,I later went for scan and i was told that nothing is there… please help

Dear @Temi, I’m really sorry for what you are going through. But if they can’t find a foetal pole, it might have been a chemical pregnancy. Also what is your doctor saying could have happened?

He said there’s nothing and he asked me to be taking folic acid,but am depressed about it…I need positive answer

@Temi I’ve been where u are now before when I was 8 weeks with strong pregnancy sickness and I waited till I was 14 weeks and foetal pole was seen eventually. If doc says take folic acid, pls continue and pray along too with strong faith. Proclaim it to manifest and have faith sis. God will surprise you with a miracle in Jesus name. Amen

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Please don’t let depression sets in, miracles happen and God never forsakes his own children

Good morning house am new here thanks for accepting me


We welcome you sis @Amarachi, God bless you this new year with your heart desires. Be free to read, post and share your thoughts with us. Baby dusts

Welcome momma :hugs:

Please this is actually my first post here,I have been trying to concieve for a year now,and its not been easy for me, though my menstruation has not been flowing while,and it has not been easy for me to track my circle,pls what can I do

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Welcome momma @Adeola1, first I will suggest you see a gynae if you have not to run some assessment tests. If your period is not flowing well, it’s possible ovulation may be affected which might explain why you can’t track your cycle. Do let me know the feedback sis. Baby dusts all the way!

Am a new member married for ten years.Am diagonised blocked tube and the other suggested tied of the other before ivf .please what is ur suggestion.Thanks

@Rita4real please go for IVF straight. But make sure you go to a trusted fertility center with proven track record.