Am new here . Helo everyone


Am new here. Just got married and would Like to know all about motherhood . Last month I was ttc and wishing I don’t see my period at the end it came . After all the symptoms I felt . I was so excited. I think I have to treat malaria them because I felt sick and didn’t no if to point it to pregnancy . Now we are suppose to try again this month ovulation is around the corner and hubby is out of town. Should he go out and make money or stay with me is what I can’t answer anyway I pray this month doest pass me by


@Alexkachi, don’t worry it will come, don’t overthink it dear. U and DH can plan his return from trip around your fertile window. I use the ovulation calculator here too, it’s accurate for me. Pls let him make money and if u can go with him too, pls go along. It’s not too early to start ur folic acid or prenatal vitamins and you may want to run some tests to be sure all is good. all the best dear and welcome to motherhood.


Welcome to fruitfulness and motherhood @Alexkachi. This month shall end in testimonies for you IJN. Biko let him make money oo but also do his duty but know the sperm cells lives for 5days. Timing and God’s grace will work in your favor . Don’t forget to take ur folic acid and other prenatal vitamins and fruits too. May God answer you speedily. Xoxo :kissing_heart:


Your words are encouraging . Thank you. I went for scan after the period started they said everything was fine that since I just got married it’s too early to start thinking . That I should generate my taught towards something eles. But as newly married conceiving is actually most of the thing I think about. My period started 19 September he traveled home he comes back before ovulation but I think it’s good to start trying before ovulation . Like you said will go get the drugs now . Is it any folic acid. Is there a different folic acid I should get and what kind of vitamins any name?


hello dear @Alexkachi please let your husband go out to make money,like @ThefruitfulWife said you can plan his coming back by using the ovulation calculator, and make sure you take folic acid well and do more of fruits, dont be too anxious,don’t stress yourself too,pregnancy will come normally.soon you will carry your baby…cheers


Amen . Will try to relax. I will take away all means of being anxious.
I got married this August . That’s last month. A friend a colleague called me today saying and asking if i have conceived that She Is counting for me. Why wont people stop being womb watchers . They are the people disturbing our mind . Did I marry for them abeg.
Being looking for a way and people who understand what am going through and ttc . Thank God i found this group. I feel much better knowing I can talk to someone.


Hey babes @Alexkachi congrats on your new status, and Ofcuz welcome to motherhood, pls don’t be too in a hurry, it happened to a friend I know, am not saying you shouldn’t try, but let it not be a do or die affair, you will be shocked how it will happen dear, and yes pls don’t wait until OV, it doesn’t work, once your period is over, biko fire down every other day, folio acid is good, you can also do pregnancy care for conception to prep your body. Good luck darling.


Hahaha. Am ready to fire down this time. September not passing us by. It’s our month of testimony .


don’t bother yourself dear,its just too early,have fun with your husband and don’t allow anyone to stress you up,you can count on us anytime,we are here to cheer you up and please ask any question also share your thoughts and ideas,we love you dear


hi dear and welcome to fruitfulness,please allow oga to work oh,cos na the money you go use take care of the children[twins] when they come,just make sure you calculate your ovulation period well and plan meeting during that will sure testify.


Hi dear, welcome to TTC, Continue praying n planning, DH has to work, its all about God’s timing. HE will surely do it.


Mamas please don’t forget our fasting and prayer tomorrow , you can break anytime from 12noon. Let’s pray together as one to God, prayer works and it’s our only weapon. Boost your faith sisters


My testimony is coming up in Jesus name


Amen, and me too IJN