Am new here pls


Hello house am new here, I got married last month I mean August and I have my period in September 2,and some told me to be using vit.E and have been using it since last week wit the hope of getting pregnant my husband meet me every 2-2 days and with all this I still see my period today again can someone advice me on the next step please people have been counting months for me please help me


Welcome dear @OMOTOLAABIKE , first don’t let any womb watchers be counting months for you. Tell them to leave u alone. Haba! 1 month in marriage, second put your mind at ease and take folic acid or any good prenatal vitamins like pregnacare for conception. Thirdly, enjoy your DH, make love, catch ur fun and enjoy the moments it’s ur marriage and not theirs. Honestly, babe it’s still very early for you to be worried, the more you worry the more it seems difficult. Just take it off ur mind and enjoy your DH and live healthy. Take green veggies, fruits and know your fertile window and above all commit it to God because all good and perfect gift comes from him alone. Be happy dear and live life to the fullest. :hugs::kissing_heart:


Haba sis,just 1 month,you are still honeymooning, don’t let any womb watcher bother you.Just be calm,it will end in praise.


Hello @OMOTOLAABIKE,please relax your mind, enjoy your hubby it’s still honeymoon na, eat healthy,keep taking folic acid,fruits and vegetables,dont bother yourself it’s too early, you will share your testimony,this year will not pass you by. Cheers


@OMOTOLAABIKE :joy::joy::joy:,haba now babe, have you started folic acid other mama’s has said it all, but common girl you need to enjoy this love making, explore your new home naw shuooo, see its when we are our own womb watchers because of what ppl may think or say, that’s when it won’t click ooo, God is no man now, you can’t be detecting conception for him, cos he alone knows how it happens, blow this man’s head off the hook with a good session becos a time will come e go become work. Lol don’t stress it darling, but be rest assured God will bless your womb before December #winks#


Na wa oo, na so them people don dey count already. Abeg u still be new bride so enjoy all the moments and rest . It will definitely come, enjoy ur man like all the mamas them have said. It is done


I married August too one silly friend of mine said she is counting for me. Instead of her to think about her life find a man to marry go back to school and get a degree she is saying she is counting for me. I asked her if NA she marry husband for me or NA she give am prick abeg at last I told her abeg free me joor.


Nice one dear, all them womb watchers our God will surprise them. They won’t mind their businesses mtcheww.


She shld go and hug a live transformer if she can’t face her own life. Yeye people


Don’t mind them, some will even say you don’t want to get pregnant as if is your wish not to fall pregnant. Some will be saying your husband don’t know how to do it well I tell them come and put the Belle since you can do it well. God give us a testimony that will zip up all the womb watchers.


Ameeeeen oo. He has done it already.


Hmm, my sister relax ooo ur own is even 1 month I ve bn married for 7 month, I did HSG nd they found fibroid I was horrified. Waiting person go do now


Pls I need help oo my menstruation is irregular nd my gynecologist said is not a problem, before I got married it was 30 days in June,July and Augustit was 35days September was 38day the doc said is not a problem but how do I know my ovulation day. So me nd hubby have bn doing it once a day in other not to Miss my ovulation, I hope is healthy?


Hello @Saadat80855574 , I can’t imagine what was going through your mind when you got that result. But you know what, there is nothing God can not do. The fibroid might partly be the cause of the irregular cycle you are experiencing. Please know that normal cycle length ranges from 21 days to 35 days in adults. Anything exceeding this is, you should raise your eyebrow :face_with_raised_eyebrow: . It’s good you meet a day after each day but please find a quick solution to the fibroid first. We you placed on any medication? that could also account for the irregular cycle. hugs


hello dear @Saadat80855574,like @ThefruitfulWife said the fibroid might be the cause of the irregular menstral period,you have to remove the fibroid first also you can be placed on drugs to correct your menstration,please talk to your gynea.cheers


hello dear @Saadat80855574, please try to treat the fibroid first,there are some natural way to shrink fibroid, here,Where can i get a reliable herbal treatment to shrink Fibroid? you can try that,i hope it helps shall carry your twins soon.


welcome to motherhood @Saadat80855574 and God will answer us all speedily. DId you doctor place you on any drug? cycle length of 38 days is out of the range, please get a second opinion and also treat/remove the fibroid depending on the size. All the best sister :kissing_heart:


No I i was not place on in drugs but the gynecologist said I shld see him when next I see my menstruation


I will suggest you let him know also about your concern for the long cycle length. hopefully, everything will normalize this month.


Thank you I’ll do dat