Am trying to get pregnant for a year and I have been having urine infection almost every month. What do I do


Am fed up cos everyone keep asking me why am not pregnant. Have also use closed and I still have infection after using it. Please help me.


Dear @AySugar pele, have u done urine mcs and is it ur doctor that is treating u or its self treatment? Have u and DH also done other tests to know the source of the delay? Baby dust dear


hello Dear @AySugar,please try and go for PID test[it might be internal for it to show inside your urine} or urine MCS, to know the type of infection and antibiotics to use,talk to your gynea ASAP because infection can be dangerous if not treated will testify dear.


hello dear @AySugar, i think its a urinary tract infection [UTI] please go for test to know what to do, drink plenty water,take vitamin c,also try and eat healthy,It is well with you dear.


Me and DH did urine test in July and was treated but still have the bad man ending of August treated it and it came ending of September. To top it all I have one block fallopian tube. Am fed up.


Come here for a hug love :hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs: @AySugar, could it be there is another factor ur gynae is not looking at or considering. Two times is enough to treat it nah. Another thing ,could it be that you both need to be careful of the toilets you are using and maybe seek a 2nd opinion. Bcos it’s becoming too consistent every month. For the fallopian tubes, one of my sisters had ectopic pregnancy and she lost one but guess what, she gave birth to 3 kids after with the one tube. Some UI takes a long time of taking antibiotics treatment b4 it eventually cures.
Another home remedies are: taking plenty water , food rich in Vit C, reduce caffeine, alcohol, spicy food, nicotine, carbonated drinks, and artificial sweeteners. Pele dear


Thanks a lot @ Mama twins… We use our own toilet. Am drinking water already but will do UI test this week.


Don’t be tired @AySugar we are here for you. Luv u. There shall be open doors soon


Amen. Thanks a lot


Aiit dear, don’t let it weigh u down ok?


Hello dear @AySugar,having one tube blocked is not the end of the world,that is why God created us with two, i have a family friend that has two children with One tube because of ectopic pregnancy,today she has a boy and a girl, keep believing,he can do it dear as for the urine infection I think you have to treat it well also you can decide to change your undies because after treatment some bacterias and yeast on the panties can cause UTI reoccurence, We shall carry our babies dis year I believe.




@AySugar don’t be fed up hon, God isn’t done with you yet. Some infection can be persistent, and if left untreated properly, it will mature into a bigger problem, pls seek another gynea’s opinion if the one ur on is repeatedly treating infection in space of months, I feel there’s something that has not been touched, sure you have carried out some test? As for the blocked tube that’s a pass, you can go ahead to carry your multiples with one.