An early Period


Mamas in the house, I got this message from one of our momma and I thot to share maybe a momma has experienced this or knows what could be happening. Pls let’s help a sis and momma out here. One love.

Hello Fruitful Mama.
My period started a lot earlier than it used to this month. I normally have a 27/28/29 days cycle; which lasts for 5days- (3days normal flow and 2days light spotting). Aunt flow was supposed to visit on the 14th of September, but it came on the 10th instead!..and I’m still flowing!..though it’s lighter now (today is the 7th day). I’v never experienced this before.
My gut tells me it’s because of the antibiotics medication I took on prescription to treat typhoid a week ago.
Now, I’m a bit worried 'cos I dnt know how to predict my Ovulation this month. Should I still count on my regular cycle (27/28/29 days) or do I go with this new one (which happens to be 24days cycle!).
Please help! Many Thanks.


Hello dear, it may or may not be the drug. The first time I had a set off like this with my period was my cycles on clomid. It has not been the same ever since, some months it’s 28 days other months it’s 26. I check my CM (cervical mucus) and use ovulation strip. Best just speak to ur gynae he may hav something else to say


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Hi Mama very sorry about that, but I think a time comes in a woman’s life when our circle changes, some times due to hormones, other times to drug uses, it has happened to me when I had my first miscarriage, but so long as the period comes at all, you should be grateful. Pertaining ovulation, for me I think you should just flow with d month, just have sex every other day after your period, cos sometimes these things doesn’t happen like we think, nobody knows how conception takes places, so forget the date and circle and enjoy DH, you might just be among those slated for this month of miracle. Worry less mam


Hi Sis,sometimes women cycle changes even without the administration of drugs or any medication,sometime it might be change in hormones or other normal factors,well you said you took an antibiotic,it might also be the cause,please enjoy DH and forget ovulation for now,it will get corrected itself. Cheers.


Am sorry for not suggesting but Rather bring up my own problem, pls mine is my circle is normally 28 days but dis month is more than 28 days, now and am having some signs of pregnancy, but today be it the 35day i started seeing blood like mestrual blood, pls my question is can someone see his mestration after 30days of circle,


Dear @Rahila no problem, we are all learning and supporting one another. Yes , I used to be 28 days but some months I did 32 and some 26. The woman cycle ranges from 21 to 35 days. There might be changes to the cycle length due to pregnancy or loss or gain of weight. You might want to go for blood PT, but please see your doctor first. I hope this helps. Baby dust


Yes @Rahila Your still very much on track.


OK thanks dear


You are still on track but sometimes our period varies due to stress or some medical reasons,please do a blood PT to confirm and see a doctor.


OK dear tanks alot


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There is no cause for alarm, I av experienced a circle of 39days, almost thought I was pregnant, the next day, my menses shows up. Guess it’s a Change of circle.


:astonished: that is quite a long one, you must have been so disappointed when AF showed face


Hi! Am new here. Wow! I love this group


Good morning @Lucy and welcome on board, I hope you get to share with us as you read along and pray your bundles of joy manifest very soon. Please also visit our new to the forum thread to meet more mommas in the house. Plenty love for u


Thanks @fruitful


Really dissapointed.


Hi @ThefruitfulWife I think @Floxy_Iy_Oni was referring to the reply you have her up there, about AF showing up after a 39days cycle.