An early Period


Ahhh! My sister, U won’t believe that all day I’ve been like 'have I said something bad or what, thanks for pointing it out for me dear.


My apologies mama, I guess I was booting when I saw ur reply

Disappointment is an understatement when this happens. God help us all


Hi fruitful Mama @Floxy_Iy_Oni and @ThefruitfulWife Sweeties, It’s okay to feel disappointed, but we dn’t let it depress or frustrate us. You are not alone in this. God’s with you remember?..just be still and you’ll feel His presence. He’s able to make everything right in His own PERFECT time. Trust Him! And dn’t ever get tired of praying…it still works for everyone who depends completely on God. Plus…you’ve got all of us here too. Mamas here are going through different degree of challenges, but by creating and joining this family of fruitful Momas, we’v all decided to hold fast, to support and learn from one another and do our best in loving and taking care of our bodies and DH’s. Our testimonies are on the way and our stories will be beautiful, 'cos it’l end in praise! I know this!! Lots of Love and Baby dust to us.


Uwc Sis.


AMEN love


Amen. Thank u set mom


Hi dear @Lucy welcome here,please be free to share ideas and ask questions,you will sure love it more when you meet mamma’s and learn from their experiences,we will love to hear from you too


Whatsapp group will really be nice. Am Pearl 08038743758


Amen my sister


Good job. I was so scared about the changes so I used the search bar here. My is cycle is 27 2829. So jumping. Thought it was a problem. But I know better now. Thanks mamas.


What of when one has a cycle of 41days?


honestly, I really can’t say. The best bet now is to talk to a gynae. It could just be due to hormonal change