And God answered my prayers


Okay. I got married in June 2016, I felt I should just wait about 6months to adjust to the married life. But after about 8 months and no sign of pregnancy I became worried and anxious. I tried thinking what the problem could be I just couldn’t find. Then I started praying. I asked my mum about love making and reproduction she advised me to see the doctor if I can’t find a solution to it (I’m a registered nurse and l work in a teaching hospital). I decided to run some basic test with my husband.( high vaginal swab, urine analysis, semen analysis). I went to the O &G department of my hospital with the test results. The specialist advised I come back when my marriage is a year old and also ask me to have sex on alternate days on my unsafe periods. I was prescribed some drugs to treat yeast infection. After a year, I met with the doctor again I was asked to do hormonal profile, HSG(very painful), ultrasound scan. All the test I did. I remember reaching out to my sister @ThefruitfulWife the day I got the result of my hormonal profile cos my progesterone was slightly lower than normal. I cried, was discouraged and so unhappy. She did gave me her shoulder to cry on. Thank you God bless you. Thankfully both of my tubes were open, some fibroids in the uterus (but I was told the position were the fibroids was should not stop me from conceiving.

December 2018 I was prescribed clomid, 50 mg daily for 5days. I started the drug in January, used it in February amd I was asked to double the dose in the 3rd month. By april I went into an hypertensive crisis, my blood pressure rose to 160, I was drowsy and weak. I rushed to the hospital but nothing was found. My husband told me to stop taking clomid that he can not lose me because I’m looking for a child. Yes I stopped taking the drug.

June 2018 I missed my period, I told my husband, he said I should take my mind off it. (There’s an international exam I’ve been reading for my husband said I should focus on my exams). Yes I did focused.

We went to Ghana for our wedding anniversary vacation. I made love like I no send anybody enjoyed my life very well😉.

We got back from the vacation and then I had a dream where I was told I am already pregnant and I should not take any drug. I quickly run to carry one of my #50 pregnancy strip I have in my wardrobe. I did the urine test and lo and behold it was a big positive result.

I cried for 30mins and then danced for 2 hours (my husband had gone to work).

I later went for a scan then it showed I’m already 6weeks pregnant. I travelled to write my exams with my little baby growing inside me and yes I passed, I became a United States of America nurse.

This can only be God, he has blessed me with a baby boy in his own time. I return all the glory and praise to him

For my sisters who are still believing God for this miracle of a baby he will surely bless you, he can’t give you a husband and not give you a child. This same God that has blessed me is no respecter of persons. He will surely bless you this year.

And my sister @ThefruitfulWife thank you for your shoulders when I needed them. This is your year 2019, you will conceive and carry your baby in your arms in Jesus name. Thank you very much


Thank you Jesus :pray::pray::pray::pray::pray: for your mercies endureth for ever. Our God is faithful and NEVER fails.
Words fail me, I can’t begin to comprehend all that you wrote. God will use you as a point of contact to others in the waiting room and that others through you are encouraged to uphold their faith.

I’m glad to be that shoulder to cry on, God bless you too sis.
God answered my prayers too, you must have missed my testimony here. Thank you for your love and prayers.

Please let’s be very careful with the use of Clomid. It’s not for everybody.
May our lives be changed for the better as we read @Tee16 story, may we find strength in our hours of need and may God continue to be our guide in all that we do as we try, conceive, deliver and train our godly children. Amen.

Thank you so much for sharing and for @afolake @Lydiaoti and others, we are still waiting for you to share with us oo. There are others too cooking now as we speak, but I won’t burst their bubbles because I’ve be sworn to secrecy :wink::wink::wink:. You know yourselves. God bless us all and I hope you voted. May God reign in our nation. Amen.


Wow amazing. Then you will have another this year. God bless you abundantly


And Congratulations God bless and keep your baby in Jesus name


Amennn :hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs:


This is such an encouraging testimony for me .

Thank you for sharing


Wow! This is really really inspiring. Double Congratulations @Tee16. May God bless and keep the newborn. Amen. So happy for u. God is never late!


Amen. Thank you


Wow!!! Congratulations sis. This is so encouraging. We will all testify this year IJN


Thank you. Amen in Jesus name


God is always faithful, the same year i got married, took in after 3 month but had miscarriage. still believing Him for another chance till date. clomid is deadly,took it after the miscarriage, but suffer several abdominal pain for close to 7months


God will bless and answer you speedily in Jesus Name