Anniversary prayer




My anniversary is in a month time and no fruits is this what you really want for me? Like why did you create me if it’s to bring me on earth to be barren, you said no woman shall be barren; here I am confused and lost on what’s going on. I have taken out the fibroid, i have done hydrotubation on my tubes. So what’s next? Fruitfulness by your grace :pray:t2:. Unforeseen issues that can’t be explained, many people are taking in just like that. When will I? I Love you Lord and i know you love me…I can’t turn to anyone except you. I am sick and tired of going to the hospital… I want to conceive this month before my anniversary and celebrate 365 days after with my hubby and a baby growing in my womb. If you love me DEAR LORD and you keep keeping me alive, make me conceive this month in Jesus name, Amen :pray:t2: ( I can’t wait to be a mom :disappointed_relieved::blush: I love you my babies in advance, I love you with all my heart… I will be the best mom to you… I love you baby boys and baby girls, come to mommy. Daddy can’t wait to meet with you all, he’s so caring and the best man/dad. Lots of kisses from me)


This is quite emotional for me :cry::cry::cry:, I’m confident God sees your heart cry and He will answer your heart desires. amen.


:cry::cry::cry: Amen :pray:


Amen in Jesus name