Apple Cider Vinegar


Hello all, does anyone know if drinking Apple cider vinegar with lemon juice in warm water will in anyway affect my fertility?! I was diagnosed of pcos before I had my daughter and my gyno insisted I shed some weight so I cud ovulate on my own which I did and thankfully I did take in and went ahead to av a healthy baby girl. Now I want to try for anoyher baby and my weight is an issue I am working out daily and doing portion control with my meals but I take a detox water infused with cuccumber, apple cider vinegar and lemon juice daily! I am sceptical abit it cos last month I menstrated wihout feeling a thing, no cramps no twiges, no breat sourness no waist soreness and AF came much earlier than it should. I dont know if it has anything to do with the detox water! Anyone with pcos taking detox water and what was ur result please?


I do not know much about lemon though but with ACV I know its good for fertility detox and it was part of what worked for me but i didn’t have weight issue. Read more about lemon and fertility online and get your fact. We await your good news