Ask a Gynaecologist March 7, 2018 @6pm


Hello beautiful ladies, the month of March is going to be a very productive and exciting month for us all. As part of our ways to support, meet the needs and address questions we may have, our team is inviting a Gynecologist and a clinical nutritionist on the forum on separate days to talk briefly on a topic on Infertility and Q & A session.

Please share topics you want each of them to discuss, the topic with the highest request gets to be selected for discussion. So let the topics start rolling in .:dancer::dancer::dancer::dancer::dancing_women::dancing_women::dancing_women:

Good morning @ThefruitfulWife, please when and what time is the talk going to happen?
Also what topics are going to be discussed?

The Date is Wednesday March 7th at 6pm. We had asked members to send in interested topics but none has been suggested. So I guess it’s going to be random questions and answer session.

Countdown to tomorrow hangout with a Gynaecologist

         My Topics 
  1. Sperm leakage & why no matter how long (even 2hrs) sperm will still leak. And the leaked sperm becomes so watery & warm.
  2. Are herbal (traditional)fertility treatments better & more effective than the modern ones?
    Baby dust to us all GTCs @ThefruitfulWife

What is the cause of repeated miscarriage?

What food should I avoid or stop if I’m ttc

Is it true that folic acid improves conception ?

Raising legs after sex does it increase conception ?


Please. I want the gynaecologist to discuss “chemical pregnancy” tomorw. Thanks

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See you all at 6pm

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What can make a pregnancy test show positive and scan show no baby
Can one see her period and still pregnant
What will make hcg be present in the blood while not pregnant

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Question From @Edith_Otome_Ugbofor :slight_smile:
Hello I have bin trying to get pregnant for d past one year. I have done scan and run test dey say m OK but pregnancy refuse to cum. My friend told me to take clomid it will help me ovulate fast. I need help please

How can poor ovulation and premature ovulation be treated?

Sperm becomes watery after 20-30mins n Will be warm on the outside of d body,that is normal.
Herbal treatments available have little benefits
Most will not work

So what can be done to leakage?

Dr please when someone experiences that ovulation surge, when would ovulation likely happen?

Pls if you have repeated or recurrent miscarriages,u may need to c me,causes cld be medical due to some actions in d past
Most foods are ok,but pls eat healthy,avoid foods that make u overweight or under.obesity causes infertility
Folic acid is very good,increases quAlity of egg n conception,also reduces miscarriages

I believe I will conceive soon, by June 25th 5 years ago, I had my son thru CS and I hv trying to conceive for the past 3 years now.

My friend has been treating infection for years , it refused to go and cured. Staphyllococcus and yeast cell. It’s always the same result each time she visitd the Lab. It has been difficult for her to conceive. What can she do?

Question from @Greatgracee

Good day, my name is Grace I’m based in Lagos and I’ve been trying to conceive for 2years now.

I used to have something like cramps either early or towards the end of month,It comes with discharge (please note I haven’t been seeing my period for a while). What could be the cause please?

I’ve been tracking my ovulation for some time now, I’m yet to find out when my ovulation is… Recently I saw a discharge with blood stain and was told its ovulation, so I tried and waiting for results by the grace of God. But pls I need more tip on how to track my ovulation better and also what can help boost fertility, if possible to get twins.