Ask a Gynaecologist March 7, 2018 @6pm


Ovulation occurs a t 24hrs after d surge
Buh d true test of ovulation is pregnancy


U need to do tests if ur worried,ovulation can be confirmed dat way.Pls check ur partner too
40% of fertility issues are due to males


Victoria,if u av not Been seeing ur period,u need to check if ur pregnant or not.N if not check y.
Cramps cld be due to ovulation or menses n it cld be a sign of infection.
U can call me


Pls grace,check Urself with a gynae n ur partner.God will answer soon.My contacts V been supplied


Most labs in lag can not be pls check again with a standard lab.she shd be treated with her partner by a professional n not just anybody.


Just check whether d sperm is ok in d lab,most of d sperm wld av moved into d womb in most cases.


Some drugs cAn increase possibility of twinning.U can try n see me


Pls do a thorough fertility check if ur worried


Dr. Please I don’t produce cervical mucus. I have checked daily for 3 months and it’s the same creamy stuff. What could be the cause and what can be done to correct this.

My period is like clockwork. I’ve never missed a period for as long as I can remember.


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Herbal fertility drugs are usually unnecessarily expensive n not helpful


Pammy,cervical mucous of d symptoms of
Ovulation but not compulsory for everyone.U can try ovulation kits n do hormonal tests to check ur ovulation status.


Cramps cld be due to ovulation or menses.cld also be due to infection etc.if ur not seeing ur period n u r not pregnant,u shd pls check y.


Poor or premature ovulation are not really acceptable’s either u r ovulating or not.hormonal tests are suggested


Question from Facebook:
What is the solution for blocked tubes ?


Drugs can make hcg present in d blood n some abnormal pregnancies


Clomid is better prescribed n not useful to only few people
Proper counselling n tests will inform d fertility treatments necessary


U can see blood n be.pregnant not necessarily ur menses.normal menses while a rare event


When tubes are blocked,dis shd be confirmed first.if true,antibiotics or mini surgeries may be useful.IVF is d final resort when all else fails
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Is it possible to ovulate without cervical mucus