Ask a Gynaecologist March 7, 2018 @6pm


I would love to but I do not live in Lagos.


Thank you Doc… I hope to see results by Gods grace!


Good morning. Please I have been trying to conceive for 3years now, my monthly flow has not been regular, but I took some medication and it became regular since last year November. For this month it’s not time for me to see my monthly flow but for the past three days after going to the rest room I wipe off and I see little blood stain on the tissue. I am worried what could be the problem. Having little cramps also.


Where are you located sir. How do we outside lagos get to discuss with you. Will be interest in the drugs that increases the possibility of twinning pls


Sir is it possible to get pregnant with this problem of sperm leakage? And can you please recommend some effective modern fertility drugs? Please help suggest Doc


Please use his contact information provided:
Dr bayo Adekunle,consultant gynecologist n fertility specialist
I consult for First Consultant medical center,obalende n police hospital,Falomo Ikoyi
My hospital is in GOVERNOR’S road,ikotun,Lagos
Phone no.08033511790


My question
Please what is the cause of pain at the upper part of the virginal lip commonly the right side close to the tight towards the pelvic . It comes like a week to the period. Have done pelvic scan , HSG and TVS. They said it is PMS that it will go with child birth. But am not always comfortable with it blcos even if it seems like am pregnant once that pain comes within days the flow will come. It comes like there is a Wound or scratch there on and off and when you press it, it doesn’t pain me. Thanks.


Dear @Eugold, the Gynae is currently not online, but you can contact him if it’s very urgent. I hope this helps :hugs:


Gynae-Bayo, please I need to see you. How Can I book an appointment?


I think his contact info is up in the comment


@Oladipupo_T_Zainab, See his contact details below:
Dr bayo Adekunle,consultant gynecologist n fertility specialist
Consults for First Consultant medical center,obalende n police hospital,Falomo Ikoyi
My hospital is in GOVERNOR’S road,ikotun,Lagos
Phone no.08033511790


Hello Everyone, My period is very regular and it lasts 4-5 days monthly but last month, it lasted only two days (30th April & 1st May). Been having normal and severe cramps since then. Do you think I might be pregnant? Right now, I am losing touch with body symptoms because over the years, there has been months i had nausea, backaches, diarrhoea, abdominal cramps, fatigue, etc and results come negative. The only different thing this time is a short period. What do you think?


A pregnancy test is the only way to know if you are pregnant . The symptoms you are feeling can be due to anything. Will suggest you go for a test to confirm. Baby dust


Thank you Ma’am @ThefruitfulWife I will try to summon courage to take a test. Been scared of the outcome…lol. Will keep you posted.


@Honey so were you able to do the test?


Hmmmmm not yet maam! Looking at this weekend. Been having severe cramps by the left side, backaches and headaches/migraine off and on towards the right eye…


So i took the test today and it was negative. I still have those symptoms with tender breasts added. Though AF isnt due till Monday 28th or 29th Tuesday. I hope i miss the period. Thank you for checking.


The best is coming your way hun.


Amen! So period came two days early and lasted one and half day this time…last month was two days and its usually 4-5 days normally and very regular. I am confused ooo…@thefruitfulwife


TBH I don’t know what may be happening, but will suggest you go for an hormonal profile test. I had same issue and realized my prolactin was very high.
Don’t be discouraged, I pray for double for your trouble IJN. Amen