Ask The Nutritionist - Date now Tues March 13 @6pm


Good afternoon my fruitful ladies, I trust we all having a good day. We will be having the second part of the consulting experience with a clinical nutritionist. Mr Collins Akanno, founder of Diet234 on Tuesday the 13th of March, 2017 at 6pm.

He’s going to be discussing a topic on fertility and diet/nutrition. Please let’s plan to make it a date.

More information will follow soon. Baby dusts to y’all and may this year be beautiful for us all IJN. Amen


Good evening ladies. I’m sure we all had a wonderful day. Please I need the right diet because I just did a surgery of endometriosis . Thank you


Good evening fruitfull @Jemen, the nutritionist will be online on Tuesday Mar 13th at 6pm. He will respond to your question accordingly. Thanks for being here.

In the meantime, it is advisable to eat high fiber diet that includes plenty of fruits, vegetables, beans, whole grains, and nuts. mackrel, low0fat diary products, sardines, canola oil and lean meats.


Good afternoon fruitful mothers, please let’s not forget our “Ask the Nutritionist” session holding tomorrow at 6pm. Let’s make it a date.


Good morning everyone, please just to confirm, is this still holding today?


Please what is the best diet for someone with PCOS and Endometriosis.


Yes at 6pm.


Good evening Mothers!
I’m Collins. Clinical Nutritionist and Founder of
Is anyone here ready to discuss?


Yes, thanks for joining us today


You’re welcome. I’m glad to be sharing information with you all here today.
So straight to the topic of today!

I’ll be discussing body cleansing for fertility


Welcome, I hope we can ask questions later


Now I won’t be giving you all a “one-size fits all” diet for infertility. However, I will be sharing a guide to inform you all better.

Fertility cleansing is a way to support the body in preparation for conception by cleansing the uterus and liver. A fertility cleanse encourages the liver to cleanse the body of toxins and excess hormones.


yes of course


sorry for the break… i lost my internet connection for a bit


I’m back now. ok so here are tips…
Every woman ttcing needs to look into the following;


Pls will it touch both the man and woman cleansing and what natural remedy is good too.


According to world-class fertility doctor, Dr. Weil the following approaches are recommended for treating endometriosis:

  • Eat an anti-inflammatory diet mainly fruits and vegetables.
  • Eliminate dairy foods entirely for three weeks to a month
  • Eat only hormone-free meat e.g beef (of course in sizable amounts) and for fish, (please avoid deep water fish it has too much mercury) to avoid any additional estrogen exposure.
  • Avoid soy foods if you have not been eating them regularly; they are mildly estrogenic.


yes both for men and women. Natural remedies are upcoming.


Now as @MamaTwins asked, natural remedies adopt Antioxidants are one of the most important components to having healthy fertility that every woman and man needs to focus on. Before we get started, there are two terms you will need to become familiar with:


They are Antioxidants and Free Radicals

Antioxidants are a family of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that help to protect the body from the damage caused by free radicals.

Free Radicals
Free radicals are unstable molecules they are like the “agberos” or touts that can damage cell structures. In normal everyday life free radicals are produced from the activity in our bodies (for example free radicals are made during energy production), but chemicals in our surrounding environment can also create free radicals. It is said that each cell in our body is attacked about 10,000 times a day by free radicals, accelerating the ageing process. Antioxidants neutralize the free radicals, stopping further damage from happening and protecting the cell’s health. If you are not doing something to help protect your cells, this damage can add up.