Banana recipe and baking soda douche


Hie ladies, I’m 27 and still waiting for my chance to become a first time mommy, we are TTC. I have been googling a lot of stuff to help me out. I have come across the banana recipe and I took it yesterday when I was finished now I wait. Has anyone ever tried this and been successful?

Also let us pray for each other ladies, our time is coming.


Funny thing i just took the banana recipe last week, i hear it works but dont know the science behind it, i have a son who is one but am struggling to concieve again coz i amm breastfeeding… i track my ovulation religiously and and i took the recipe last month so God Help us, baby dust to u honey, lets wait and see… i hear the recipe works and you may just get pregnant hun… xoxo


Thanks hun, lets pray it works, baby dust to us :wink:


Please how is the banana recipe done?


Hie dear, u have to take it a day after ur menses. It’s two bananas, two uncooked eggs, 1 cup of milk, 1 tbsp of bicarbonate of soda/baking soda…then u have to blend it and drink it on an e,pay taken in the morning


Ok dear thanks alot I really appreciate. I will give it a shot


Chai! what we do to get pregnant, God bless answer us speedily and change our stories. Amen


Kikikiki i know my sister, so many tricks we try to get pregnant! it’s so distressing