Beware of Cryptic Pregnancy Scam

I was introduced to this thing by a friend. They have 3 categories: N500,000, N1,000,000 and N1,800,000 depending on sex selection and success rate. On my first visit to the clinic, after confirmation of payment, something was inserted into my vagina and I was asked to have regular vaginal sexual intercourse with my husband and return in 4 weeks.”

“After 4 weeks, I was told I am pregnant in a cryptic way and that I should not bother going to any hospital for antenatal or for pregnancy tests because the baby won’t show in the scan.”

“I was told to only visit their clinic and come regularly for injection until the completion of 9 months, after which I would deliver via C-section because the baby is a special one. They said I would continue seeing my menses but I should not be bothered.”

Cryptic pregnancy is when there is no biological sign of pregnancy in a woman who is actually pregnant. All tests will come out negative whether it is a blood or a urine test, even the scan will show no evidence of pregnancy.

A lot of women have fallen prey to this scam of being pregnant with cryptic pregnancy. They are injected with a high dosage of estrogen and progesterone which makes them start to get symptoms of pregnancy and their stomach begins to swell. These high doses have negative side effects of developing into fibroids, cancer and stroke.

These victims of cryptic pregnancy can’t breastfeed and after 9 months, they are asked to come deliver their babies via C-section. They are injected with general anaesthesia and depending on how much they paid, they wake up to find their baby boy/girl or babies by their side.

Causes of Cryptic Pregnancy
Hormonal imbalance
Emergency contraception
Low body fat
Recent pregnancy
Pregnancy while Breastfeeding

What to expect if you truly have Cryptic pregnancy
Irregular menstrual periods
Longer gestational period Low birth weight
Prolonged labour
High risk of birth defects

Please be informed and don’t fall prey to these scammers, cryptic pregnancy cannot be infused into a woman and is not hereditary.

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This is becoming too rampant now, I think it’s what’s fuelling all those baby factories we hear on the news. May God help us.

Does this exist?

It exists big time.

It’s what’s fuelling all these babies factories we keep hearing in the news. People run this heartless scam as a full fledge business, young girls are coerced, brought together and impregnated and once the baby is ready, they do the exchange.

It’s horrible to imagine.