Can I still have sex in my first Trimester?


Pregnancy symptoms like vomiting, fatigue, headaches, and mood swings might make sex very unappealing to some people. While hormonal changes can make some moms to be super horny in their first trimester. What positions work best for you and was it comfortable?


I will say it all depends on if you have a safe first trimester or not and if your doc gives the toogo ahead, then why not. I will advise you speak to your doctor too.


@aydiva @Sapphire what will you suggest?


Yes, you can have sex in your first trimester except the doctor advices not to do so, maybe due to complications, during antenatal visits we were advised to have sex very well but too much of it is bad. Don’t let DH look outside lool


My Dr advices against sex from the day of embryo retrival, after embryo transfer till 6weeks into your pregnancy. So me the konji they come once in a while but I don’t mind biko the babies safety is more important.


Yes oh, make baby rest for now lol,so far your doctor advises not to,abeg hold body oh… Lol