Can not reaching orgasm delay conception


My sisters pls is it true that if someone does not orgasm, conception will not happen? Sex is now routine and by force btw my husband and ! and so worried.


@MamaTwins, I don’t believe that is true. You just have to enjoy the moment with your husband. Forget all your worries and have fun while at it, it will happen at the right time. Spice up your sex life, be proactive and feel the emotions and thrills of your sexuality. Please don’t let infertility define your marriage. Baby dust to everyone


There are certain hormones that control orgasm and sex. You should have orgasm, it should not be by force. You may need to see a obstetrician/gyneacologist to make complain. It may be an hormonal imbalance. Hormonal imbalance is one of the causes of infertility


Thank you @Temitope_Kingsley, I just overheard some women discussing this topic and one of them said it’s the reason her sister ha snot conceived. SO i wanted to confirm as i dont usually orgasm when I meet with my hubby. Thank you for this information.


I don’t believe that to be true… Not all women get to the climax… U can still enjoy sex and not climax (orgasm)…Orgasm has nothing to do with hormonal imbalance,its not a frequent occurrence for all women… Some women squirts and some don’t know or experience it, doesn’t mean both doesn’t enjoy sex,same applies to orgasm… Infertility involves more complex things like ovulation, amount of eggs produced, does the egg get matured, the state of organs like Fallopian tubes, ovaries etc. issues that has to do with endometriosis (common infertility cause with women), PID etc. the state of the man’s sperms and a whole lots of other issues including no issues at all… So I’ll advice you talk to a good gynae to know what’s really going on in your case… And if it’s no issues at all then 2options, ivf or WOG (wait on God)… It’s not easy to not think about being preggy when u make out with hubby, I feel that way too, (would pull him close when he’s coming to be sure it all goes into my vjay then raise my legs in air to make sure it doesn’t pour out - before I learnt that all that doesn’t determine being preggy). So I try not to make it routine, I give a day or 2break from sex (way before my ovulation), walk naked up and down in d house make sure he wants me badly meanwhile am dying too but doing shakara, foreplay longer as if i’ll faint if it doesn’t happen now now… Then when it now happens, it’s usually d bomb, no thoughts of baby - just me dying of d pleasure like its my 1st time… Lol… Then explore other venues and positions not only bedroom on top and below… E. G kitchen,sitting room chair, dinning table, hanging on d wall, quickie before rushing out of the house to work… Hope this helps…
When baby comes we might not even know and then we’ll be the one rushing back for sex for fun and not baby…
Jehovah God will answer our prayers and satisfy our desire cos his blessings makes rich and he adds no pain to it… Keep d waiting attitude… Love y’all positive GTC mothers…


@Poshmum, this is about the best it can ever be. I love this and I totally agree with you.


Thank you sis, this really made my day. Please so sorry I didn’t reply early, I was down and even thought it was preggy. But thank God for life sha, we shall all achieve our aim. God bless you plenty and my other sisters out there!