Can pineapple cause miscarriage


Good day mama’s at home a family friend of ours said she lost her pregnancy due to her love of eating pineapple she said her doctor advises her to stop taking it anytime she’s pregnant,i want to ask our moms here maybe pineapple can really cause miscarriage or maybe it’s her own body, because I heard generally that fruits are good for pregnant women also women trying to conceive too.has it happened to anyone or has anyone heard something dust to all


We discussed this same topic during our hangout and the general consensus was that it is not good during the first trimester.


I wld agree with fruitful wife cos pineapple’s level of citric acidic content is high even than orange. Thus this cld pose harms to a just developing foetus.


Hello dear,pineapple is not too good for a growing foetus,a pregnant woman can take it later in pregnancy


Hey babe @anonymous14 it’s not good for the foetus in first trimester ooo, water melon as well.


Yes dear, it can especially when the pregnancy is still early,its better to avoid eating it.


Pineapples not good for early period of pregnancy


Thanks to you all