Can someone with fibroid get pregant


Good morning house, pls I have a question can someone with fibroid conceive. Pls I need an urgent answer.Thank you


Yes my dear, u can. But first treat the fibroid first. Ur doc can tell u d process. All the best


Yes, its possible to get pregnant with fibroid, but it all depends on the position of the fibroid and the extent of its growth. Your Dr can explain better. Its always advised to treat fibroids, no matter how small they are or where they are situated in the womb.

I have fibroid, it was discovered when I had my first baby through CS. My Dr said it causes no harm as it does not grow anymore. I still hard my second baby with it. But I have been trying again for the past 6 years but no positive result.

I am considering dealing with fibroid first, even when it has been confirmed that its not the cause of my delay.