Causes of repeated PID and Urinary infection



Hello mamas, I am a silent member but I saw a recent post from a sister here about she treating infection all the time and because I went thru this ordeal and I know some of the causes, I thot to share here.

Some of the reason why u treat infections all the time can be due to so many reasons like -
many sexual partners (infection from a partner)
kidney stone
bladder stone
Long stay in Hospital
incomplete treatment of UI
if you have done a Urinary tract surgery before
Abnormal urinary tract function or shape

the symptoms are - frequent urge to pee, burning pain or pressure, cloudy or discolored urine, fever and body chills

Take Antibiotics after sex
Be on antibiotics on a low dose for 6 months
Regular UI testing
You may need to see a urologist to check the urethra for further investigations.

other ways to prevent is peeing immediately after sex, wiping bum from front to back, avoid deodorant sprays or scented feminine products in the private area too .
Wash your private area very well with warm water or plenty water after sex and using toilet.
Mix turmeric powder with honey and warm water, blend and drink. Instead of honey, you can use ground black pepper and mix into a paste like this:

1/2 cup turmeric
1 cup water (250 mls)
1/2 cup water extra, if needed (125 mls)
1 1/2 teaspoons ground black pepper (7.5 mls) - this helps absorption of the turmeric into the body
70ml of groundnut oil.

Mix turmeric and water on d stove, then add pepper and oil last into it forms a paste. then you can add the paste to ur food or soup or smoothie as you deem fit

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For a ttc woman will it be good for her to always take antibiotics after sex?


@redwine, It depends on what you are using the antibiotics for.only if it was prescribed by your gynea and not self medicated.


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