Cerclage or not


I took in few months ago, started bleeding 2.5 months into and doc had me do on cerclage. But ever since, I’ve been having very thick v. discharge and cramps. I don’t know if some1 else is experiencing this. My doc keeps telling me d discharge is normal.


@Abby I also have the same heavy Virginia discharge, Am always on panty linear, can’t go a day without panty linear. My doctor also said is normally, the cramps is the one that am worried about.


@RedWine thanks mama pls forgive my late response. Cramps has reduced and doc said as long as it’s not painful and prolonged I am fine. The discharge ehn, is like I will just get d panty liner too. How is d wknd and DH


@Abby am fine, dh is ok. Thank God the pain has reduced, Am always on panty linear, sometimes I change like twice in the office, the money am spending on panty linear one can use it to buy a car lol. God will see us through.


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: that rily got me laughing hard. Amen, it is well with us dear. Thank God for his mercy over us all.