Clomid - Any hope with this?


My doctor has placed me on Clomid for three cycles alongside Parlodel. Was told to continue using Parlodel due to my high prolactin level. Has any1 here used both and was successful?


Did 2 cycles but no parlodel, had to stop because I was always feeling dizzy


So yesterday I did a scan to follow up on my follicles, after routine clomid session WHAT??? :grimacing::grimacing:to my greatest suprise no follicle talk more of a matured one. The doctor at prisms told me that it’s either I ovulated early or am having premature ovarian sufficiency. I was devastated, I cried my heart out on my way home, (I needed that cry really) and then Hubby got back and I told him, he held me and said " Whose report will you believe" Nne have you lost hope? Those who have kids, are they better? Don’t they have worries like us? But we have life, immediately tears varnished. Am only human sometimes you just get to that point where you can’t hold it anymore, regardless I know who I am in him, a chosen generation, a fruitful mum, And so I taught I should share with y’all, and somehow it’s a relief talking about it. What’s my next step @mamapikin @MamaTwins @ThefruitfulWife @aydiva @Ayaola2 @anonymous7 @Victoria @fruitfulvine @afolake @LadyS


@Jay we all have our cry moments, and oh yes! it is good to let it all out. Crying doesn’t mean you are weak, it only shows you are human and as long as you don’t unpack there, it’s time to refocus on way forward.
A quick one, did your gynae follow up with follicular tracking during your clomid session? It’s also possible, the dosage was not enough to induce ovulation or the timing is actually wrong as the doctor at prism had said.
My suggestion is that you do a follicular tracking without any induction to actually know when you are ovulating and when the egg is to be released.
As DH said God has the final say, you are stronger than this babe.

In addition, mother with kids or not, we all have challenges. Most times when I’m in my low moments and begin to question God why sm1 who was wayward had baby after babies and He drops a word in my spirit that He makes everything beautiful in His time. No matter who we are, efforts we have put in, money spent, time wasted, as long as there is life, then there is hope. Let’s thank God we have small change to even pay to see a gynae and buy certain drugs and do certain procedures. It gives us knowledge on our health and helps to keep us informed on how to treat or manage it. I also tell God in my prayers that all these money and time I’ve spent, I will NEVER spend anything to take my children to d hospital for treatment or managing any lifetime disability or ailment or disease. This is my own prayer, and in all dear it makes us STRONGER. So @Jay NOTHING CAN BREAK YOU. God has the final say!

Fertility Suppliment

:musical_score::notes:God is able to do just what he says he will do, he’s gonna fulfill every promise to you,dont give up on God cos he won’t give up on you.hes able​:musical_score::notes:…please don’t give up,just have faith God is on your case,crying is not bad, in fact personally I cry alot but anytime I do I have one kind of peace in my heart,God made it invisible for the doctor to see because he wants to proove himself as a wonder working God,please don’t be weighed down,like @ThefruitfulWife says you won’t have any cause to spend the money on children ailment or any disease,fire on dear,much love :purple_heart:


Awwwwww thanks darling @ThefruitfulWife I need that hug lol. Am good now, yes I was supposed to track with my gynea on days 12, but I missed it due to distance and traffic on that axis, before I got there, the lab doc had left so annoying, I was told to do it at prisms near me. Thanks again darling am stronger and better now, heading to the doctor’s already. Sometimes you can’t help but be human, but knowing that our cases ain’t the worse of fertility situation, and most ppl came out of it victoriously. We have life, We are hopeful, we will all testify #winks#


Yeeeey :dancer: I believe… He’s ABLE… Thanks darling @aydiva , am most humbled, see tears rolling down. Thanks alot sisters, y’all r God sent. Am much stronger now, and yes he wants to show himself strong, I believe just as uv declared @ThefruitfulWife we won’t spend all the money on our kids ailments ijn .




Amen, that’s the spirit of an overcomer :fist_right:t3:


We have a God who never fails x3
Jesus never fails for ever more
Our God never fails, He’s the Almighty God and when He says Yes, no one can say No.
Rejoice @Jay for God will not fail over you and the rest of us. Pls keep us updated with ur doctor 's visit. Plenty hugs for u dear


@Jay DH said it all. whose report are you going to believe. The doctors are just trying but when God the creator says it’s time nothing can stop him. There are issues that are worst than yours but GOD still show up for them.So dear sis wipe the tears and be strong.
♬♬If he did it before, he’ll do it again.
Same God back then
Same God right ♪♪


Yes mummies @MamaTwins and @Victoria thanks alot for those words ,am grateful. Eheen so the doctor started laughing at me ooo, cos according to her that’s the lowest of dosage just like u said @ThefruitfulWife, well she went on to say we will tackle the homones as they are both high estrogen and him brother lol, from the look of the result she doesn’t think it’s anything serious as it hasn’t gotten to d extreme, she encouraged me to hold on to God and believe, because she’s seen even worse case, where she’s delivered a woman who wasn’t born with ovaries at all, but went on to have a healthy boy and girl. So girls am super elated now. What’s happening? I never c fruit chop since after d fast ooo lol.


Hahahahahaha:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: just look atew, fretting over nothing. Biko find better fruit chop jare. Glad to know all is good.


Can someone take clomid morning and evening?


Hello @Clemmbrown it is usually prescribed by the doctor based on the individual’s medical assessment. Dosage is also crucial, I started mine on a lower dosage before it was increased. Please don’t use without a prescription. :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


Hello love @Clemmbrown I think twice a day is not part of the dosage, it actually starts with 50mg, after that 100mg, and so on, but even with d 100mg u have to take it once, it’s has its side effects too, It’s usually a recommendation from your doctor depending on your case like @ThefruitfulWife had stated. Pls don’t take it on self med, we love you babes


Good day everyone, I’m new here and I’m glad I joined cos I’ve learnt a lot in few minutes, I’ve gone for series of test but last year by doctor placed me on clomid for over 5 months I guess,I kept telling him that I read about not using clomid for more than 3 cycles but he insisted I use it so the last time I went there he was talking about uterine lining not been thick enough and then he placed me on another drug which I can’t remember but I stopped using it after a while cos I felt my drug intake was getting too much,I stopped using drugs for several months to give my body system some rest…so recently I encountered a doctor and a pharmacist, one of them asked me to buy kedi product (gsix) another one told me use fertile support woman with enat 400 so I settled for the second and I’ve been using it for close to 15 days but I want to know if I’m on track this time… Sorry for my long story…


Welcome @Tosin, we love stories dear. Really sorry about ur experience with ur doc, some of them just do trial and error at the expense of our lives. If I may ask I s ur new doc a gynae and what kind of tests have you done in the past? Also is DH too doing some assessments tests as well? From experience it’s best you work with a gynae that has proven records of success. God will surely surprise you before this year ends IJN.


The new person is not a gynaecologist, you know different doctors will just come up with their own ideas… I’ve not gone for any test this year cos I got tired but I know I really need to work on my irregular flow,the dates changes a lot,at times I do 27days cycle but now I do either 24 or even 26 I don’t understand, and it doesn’t flow well…


@Tosin welcome mama, God will turn your tears to laughter IJN. The irregular period can be hormonal inbalance , all these doctors sef ehn :confounded: