Could it be an effect of clomid or?


Good afternoon mamas in the house. Am on clomid first circle and I’ve been having tender nipples ever since my ovulation. This is the second week since the pain started. Please I want to know if this is part of the side effect of clomid or pregnancy symptom. Can’t want to have that positive result.


Take a test sis and be sure it would definitely end in praise. Although those are effects of clomid too


Thank you very much for your kind response.


Could be the clomid but sore nipples is also a sign of pregnancy, shud notice that abt a week to when AF is to come! Congratulations in advance


I hope so. Thank you.


Yes I also experienced that. My axillary lymph nodes (armbit) were also inflammed. You will definitely get that positive result sister. God will bless you this time. This is your time


Thanks dear. My question and anxiety has been answered. I think all was Clomid effect. My MP came out 3days ago and I was so disappointed and heartbroken but the Lord has given me new and fresh strength this morning and never to give up until my joy is full.

I’ve been taking COMBO with fruit since my MP started and tomorrow I will take banana recipe don’t think am going for clomid. I believe I will get my positive result in 3weeka times.


Please take your time my sister. Just take the drugs and have correct sex. And watch and see what the Lord will do.


Thanks love