Could it be that I am pregnant


I had a miscarriage towards the end of July and my period has not returned since then even tho I have been dealing with irregular period but I have been using my drugs. I got a new drug(furocyst) over the weekend and decided to do a blood pregnancy test before starting the drug but the test was faintly positive while the urine test i did at home was negative. I don’t know if anyone has experienced this before and could it mean am pregnant or the pregnancy hormones due to my last miscarriage haven’t cleared off.


dear @Folakemi,i would advise you to wait like a week or 2 to re run the blood pregnancy test,also are you feeling any pregnancy symptoms?because i think the hormones should have cleared off since july till now. Dont worry dear it will be a BFP.


Thanks @aydiva, my plan is to wait as you have said before repeating the blood test. I haven’t really felt any pregnancy symptoms but a little weakness and that was the same thing that happened during my last pregnancy that I lost.


Like @aydiva has said, pls wait 1 more week to do a blood pregnancy test. I pray God has compensated you for your loss. Amen, pls what’s the work of furocyst? Thanks


Give it one more week dear, God will manifest IJN


Amen… I want to come back to share my testimony :pray::pray::pray::pray:. Furocyst is used for the treatment of PCOS.


Please do not take the drugs yet till after you are sure, oluwa will not let you down.


Ok, thanks




@Folakemi ,give it time and repeat test. Or even utra sound can help you too. Your testimony is sure,in Jesus name Amen.


Hello dear, it’s better to check through ultrasound like @pearl suggested, or repeat the test in a week time.


Please has anyone use the furocyst?does it work


Hello @folakemi… Please does furocyst work?


@Folakemi,hi sweetie. How are you doing now? What’s the state of things with you now? Could you do the ultrasound or repeat the pregnancy test as suggested?


It’s true oo, how far sis???


Hello dear, I just started using furocyst dis month and my period started on Friday for the first time since I had the miscarriage in July,the flow hasn’t been very heavy tho but I was told by the Gynaecologist that furocyst is more effective than metformin.


Sorry, I didn’t update you mummies. Maybe it skipped my mind because I didn’t get the result I was expecting. I repeated the test and it was negative, went for the ultrasound as well and nothing was found. Believing God for a miracle very soon.


Aww, God will surprise you please don’t lose faith. :hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs:


Your miracle is on the way.


God of overdo will visit us all soonest.