Could it be that I am pregnant




Good evening, please where can I purchase furocyst? Or how can I get it


Goodmornin, I got my own frm the fertility clinic I use in Ibadan because it’s very scarce but here is the number of the company 0903 356 9257 which I got on Facebook even though u have never ordered directly from the company as they are located in jos but when I chatted them up, the representative said one wil pay for delivery and it wil be sent through the post office.


Good morning please how much did you get your in Ibadan?


I got the pack of 120 capsules for #30,000 but I think it’s 25k if you are buying from jos with a delivery fee of 2500.




Hi folakemi pls where did u get d ferocyst I need it asap am tayad of metformin


Hello Krimi, I got it from my fertility clinic in Ibadan. Where are you located ? You can make ur order from their company at jos and it will be delivered to you via the post office. You can call with their representative on this number :0903 356 9257


Am glad to be here, am new here .Am ttc I hope to share my testimony soonest …also brought furocyst i hope it work for me ijn …


Amen dear and welcome on board. very soon, God will answer your call and bless your womb.
Same for all us here too. Baby dust :hugs:


My period last month lasted only two days (30th April & May 1st and came in one day late ) as against the 4-5 days monthly. Since then, I have been having sharp and normal cramps on and off. Do you think I might be pregnant?


Gud day @Folakemi, pls I want to know if dis furocyst is really effective n can clear cyst, I did a scan recently n d doctor discovered a cyst, pls my menses has stopped for two months now, I only feel menstrual cramps but no sign of d flow, I hav so much pain in my lower abdomen wen I try to bend.