Don't fast too much! EAT


Hello fruitful mums,TGIF,weekend is coming again and i want to share this with us;
A friend of mine took a long break in eating regularly all because she was trying to concieve,she breaks her fast 6pm daily and sometimes if she couldn’t go that far she breaks around 3pm. luckily she took in but it was later discovered she had ulcer;though sometimes ulcer is common during pregnancy because i had one during mine and it wasn’t because of fasting.Throughout her first trimester she really battled with ulcer because she couldn’t eat due to her morning sickness and all to the extent of almost loosing the baby,
Dear mamas,i am not advising not to fast at all but it shouldn’t be too much, its good to wait on God and he answers,also what works for others might not work for you.KNOW YOURSELF AND YOUR CAPACITY instead of fasting everyday we can do an hour vigil in replacement,Also you can partake of the once a week fasting on wednesday on this forum till any length you can do.I pray God will answer us IJN. AMEN.


Noted @aydiva, thanks for sharing this experience.


Thank you very much for the information, because she was seeking the Lord and not men she will not lose the baby, God cannot give us any gift and take it away from us, you will see that God will give her the grace and strength to pull through, God will always want people to know that he is God. Is good to fast, is good to eat, but if fasting can give you fast answers why not, do it but do not over do it. Too much of everything is bad, not too much of Jesus that is bad, I pray for that your friend that God will supply all that is needed for her and the baby to stay alive and strong.


Thanks for sharing. Sometimes, it’s so easy to forget balance and a reminder is welcome.


Amen, thanks for sharing darling. God bless you


Thanks dear for sharing.