Early water breakage

Am heartbroken now. Am in tears now… I just lost my 7 months pregnant. Due to water break in early pregnant at 28 weeks. And i lost the baby… i want to knw the causes of water leakage at early pregnancy and What can be done to prevent it repeating again if i conecive again.i lost my baby at 7 months due to water break and d baby die. hope it wont repeat again if i take in… who have such experience before??when shld i start thinking of conceiving again… i need advice pls

My dear next u will to above stress and pray that God will help u .

Sorry about the loss.next time you are pregnant pls talk to your doctor about cervical cerclage

Am so sorry for your loss dear, God will give you the strength to go through this believe me. I went through same thing March 2019 water started leaking at 6 months and i was put on bed rest. It got to 7 months but the water leakage increased and i had the baby. Baby was born fine though small but had a defect and passed. I stayed for a year before trying again but that’s because hubby was not in the country. I believe you can give your body a couple of months to recover and rest but i have other friends who took in as early as 3 months after baby’s passing. I just had a BFP this week thank God but the doctor hasn’t said anything in relation to early pregnancy loss just yet. I guess we will look at that after the first trimester. Just stay strong my dear you will be fine.