Eliza fertility


Hello house,i need a very urgent advice pls. Dnt know if anyone has heard about eliza fertility. Stumbled on her IG page and she is having a 50% discount on her fertility kit. The actual cost is 119k for the standard kit and 161k for multi kit for those that wants twins. She said the kit will be used for 50days and its success rate is 100%. I need to know if anyone has heard about it before as i want to take advantage of the promo before it ends on

tuesday. Thanks so much


Wow! 100% really? Please check for review before buying oo. We all want to carry our testimonies. all I see on the IG page are posts with nobody saying he/she has tried it with results. I don’t want to discourage you but at the same time please let’s be wise and not be exploited by people and fertility specialists.