Empty follicle or immature egg


Mamas please what does this mean and what is the implication?


Hi mum @MamaTwins, from the explanation of the Doc, Immature egg means one is not producing an egg martued enough to rupture for ovulation and conception, it grows to a particular size and stops, it could be caused by hormonal imbalance, and sometimes some women were born that way, Empty follicle on the other hand means the ovary didn’t produce egg at all, and it’s called premature ovarian failure, or premenopause for woman younger than 40yrs, it’s also caused by hormonal imbalance as well, all these can be taken care of with some hormonal drugs, however if after trying for several months with no luck, a donor egg will be advised for ivf. (that’s according to the human doctors) But you know the truth? ALL these r medical terminologies, and does not hold water when God steps in, so keep believing, and he will surprise you.


God is the ultimate


Uhmmm, went for follicular tracking and that’s what the doctor reports says. God u are my all in all. Apart from hormonal profile what else can caused it bcos my hormones are in normal range since the beginning.




Believe the report of the lord


Hello Everyone,my name is Mary and I am blessed to have stumbled upon this forum…still trying to get used to It, I don’t know where to post my questions so I have been reading , I am respondingbhere cos I have a similar situation, I also went for follicular tracking and my follicles are not growing,although I have been told to cone back for another scan after carrying out 3 scans already…please any advice anything I can do or drink to help stimulate my follicles?


Welcome sis to motherhood, if I may ask have you done any hormonal profile to check if all hormones are balanced? Also Maca root powder is a good herbal medicine you can include in your drinks or cereals. It helps in hormone balance and other ovarian/reproductive related issues.

I hope this helps. To ask any question, just click on new topic as seen in the image below and type on… BTW we are having a question and answer session with a gynae on Wednesday at 6pm. I hope this enlighten us all more.