Encouragement in the face of discouragement


Hie ladies. I am here with a story about a woman i know. Sometimes, when ur trying u can get so depressed and become so heartbroken. But i just wanted to share a story of a lady from my church. She got married at age 23, and had been trying to conceive for almost 13 years. She’s like an aunty to me, so she would tell me all her problems with her husband and her husband’s relatives who would mock her calling her barren etc. She has had almost four miscarriages, and she had tried everything. From going to sangomas, to praying on mountains and etc. Finally she managed to save up lots of money and tried IVF (which is costly). The first attempt was unsuccessful and she waited for a good three months before building up the courage to try again. And guess what?! Three days ago she gave birth to TWINS! Boys! Isn’t that amazing? I felt encouraged myself. I have been TTC for two years now and I cry with each and every cycle and my cycles are getting more painful as I grow older. But, after knowing someone who’s had such a miracle happen to them, I felt as though God was telling me not to give up. And i feel as though sharing this with some of u soon-to-be by fire, come hail come thunder, mommies, that it may encourage you and bring u hope too. Keep smiling ladies, God is not dead. Numbers 23 v19


@Faffy, thank you so much for sharing. It is always great to support and encourage one another as others who don’t know what we are going through can’t understand. I’m really excited for this woman and I pray you and everyone of us will keep our faith strong and testify this year by God’s grace. Amen.