Endometrial Polyps

Hello everyone, has anyone removed endometrial polyps before, am so scared right now can’t control my tears, or am I in this alone.

I’ve done hysteroscopy which is the same procedure that will be used to remove the polyps and it went well. Put it to prayers and be positive all will go well and successful without recurrence. I’m praying with you sis and you shall share your success story after the surgery by the grace of God. Amen

No momma, I also did surgery to remove adhesions and it went well

Thank you all, pls those that have done, how much was it and where can you recommend.

I have been billed 143,300 aside the other blood test written for me. I feel it’s too expensive as I have done HSG before for 25k though not in the same centre. Thanks

I was billed 100k at Georges Hospital in Lekki and that was bcos I was scheduled for IVF and had done series of tests. It was very effective for me as I took in immediately after the procedure without the IVF.