Expecting Multiples - what to know


Hello my beautiful ladies and I trust we are all doing great. It will end in praise, please be calm and have faith.
So for those expecting multiples, y’all know yourselves :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: or those who want multiples, these are what you should know that people won’t tell you:

  1. You may be having constipation
  2. Heartburn might be your best buddy
  3. Cramps can be so bad
  4. Early onset of back and leg pain
  5. Nausea can be very severe
  6. Early fetal movement
  7. Extreme fatigue
  8. Risk of developing gestational diabetes is higher
  9. Preeclampsia during pregnancy is higher
  10. Labor and delivery may come early
  11. Caesarean section delivery is more common
  12. Be ready for a lot of bed rests
  13. Frequent hospital trips to monitor growth and their activity