Facts about Ovarian Cysts

Facts you need to know about Ovarian cysts

  • Ovarian cysts can lead to false-positive result in pregnancy test
  • Not all ovarian cysts require surgery.
  • Surgery to remove it can lead to scar tissues or adhesions at the surgery point.
  • If scar tissues or adhesions develop, IVF may be the best option of getting pregnant.
  • If cysts are cancerous, the ovaries and fallopian tubes may be removed.
  • PCOS and Endometriosis can lead to ovarian cysts.
  • Laparoscopy or Laparotomy are surgeries to remove ovarian cysts.
  • Not all cysts are cancerous.
  • Most women have ovarian cysts at one point in their lives.
  • Ovarian cysts usually go after few months on it’s own.
  • Treatments will depend on the size and appearance.

@anonymous51 thanks for sharing mama, this is very educative.

Pls can pcos be treated with glucophage

Thanks ma’am

@Christy yes ma, one can even lose weight in the process.

@Christy yes it can be. Glucophage is a diabetes drug and used as a form of treatment for PCOS. So discuss with your doctor if there’s any history of diabetes in the family and high blood pressure, so he/she can prescribe the best option for you.

What is medicine to treat ovarian cyst and how do one knw shr has ovarian cyst