Fallopian tubes


Hello All,

Please has anyone had/done hydrotubation and took in immediately?

P.s - hydrotubation is to help unblock to the fallopian tubes. Its injected via the vagina thru the cervix into the tubes…


@Persistence Is hydrotubation is same as tubal flushing. And yes I have seen plenty women who did it and got pregnant immediately. As that’s the only problem.but If there are still other challenges which may still need attention then after all those challenges are over,God will do it


Yes its the same as tubal flushing… there is no other issue… twas just the tubes blockage. Everything will be fine by Gods grace Amen


Please is it done like HSG and is it painful?


@Uwa mine was painful and more like HSG. I feel my gynae ought to have given me anesthetic to make me sleep through the procedure.


Thanks for the feedback.