Fertility Suppliment


Good day everyone,
How is our day going?
Has anyone used Clomid drugs to boost fertility?
Someone asked me to get it…


@Shinny if you are not ovulating well and it’s prescribed to you by your gynae, then all is good and can restore ovulation. But if not, Clomid is not for you dear


Thank you very much @MamaTwins , it wasn’t prescribed by my gynae, someone randomly suggested it to me but am afraid to take it…


Dear @Shinny see this thread here on clomid, you will be glad you read it.



Please dn’t take it dear if it was not prescribed.


Many thanks @ThefruitfulWife


Alright @MamaTwins, I appreciate…


Pls I will advice that you do not take Clomid. A doctor prescribed it for me and I landed in the hospital. The pain was so severe. Thanks


:astonished::astonished::astonished::astonished: Clomid is a very strong drug. Sorry sist, glad it is over,


Wow! @ERT Thank God you are fine now… I appreciate


@Shinny that wht my doctor prescribe for me just started taking it i prayer God should help me this month


God will see you through dear @Motun5990… It’s well


Amen ma thanks


Pls don’t take clomid, a doctor prescribed it for me and I used it for five days after my period, I didn’t get pregnant instead my cycle took 31 days and I was in pains cos the drug is too strong.


Have tried it but didn’t work…maybe it will work for u. Goodluck


Sisters Clomid is a very strong drug, for some it works for other it doesn’t and even worsen their case. Just as @Yetunde_Adereti said it completely altered my own cycle. Some months I am 24days some I’m 32days . So please if not medically prescribed kindly stay away from using it.


I pray so dear


Amen @ThefruitfulWife thanks ma


Plsss what about royal jelly will it help me when ttc?


I’ve not used it before but I read it aids fertility especially to balance hormones