Finally, I'm Pregnant! God did it for me

All through last month, I’ve been very sad and a lilttle depresed bcoz of the failed IUI i had. With all our hopes dashed I just surmon courage and prayed and optimistic that God will perfect it. I must say it is not easy, I prayed more and eat more of vegetables and fruits.

Right now am so excited and can’t hold it any longer but had to share with every momma and expectant mommas in the house. God that did mine will do urs. He never failed just trust and pray and do your part.

Pls pray for me, that God will see me thru this pregnancy and make it stressfree for me. Baby dust everyone. :kissing_heart:


@Abby congrats Abby, God will perfect and keep you safe throughout your pregnancy. I claim mine too in Jesus name.
Pls is der anything special or different you did this btw ur LMP? Pls share. Thanks

@ThefruitfulWife, honestly nothing specifc I try to maintain a good eating habit and reduced junks and sugary stuffs that I take and I also increased my water intake and took a detoxifying herbal bitters. I can inbox you the name of the herbal bitters if you are interested.

congrats @Abby, I claim mine too. We all shall hear good news this month.

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Congrats and hope baby is kicking well? Please am interested in knowing the name of the bitters you took for detoxification. I tap into yours and claim mine and also for everyone on this forum.

Amen thanks @MamaTwins. God will answer you too with this wonderful gift. Amen

@Onyii yes, tnx mama been so restless with back ache. I was taking Ruzu bitters like 2 days b4 my period and thruout my period. But not consistently cos it’s quite bitter. sometimes i do 3 times during my period for like 3 months even before we did the IUI. I feel it’s the timing that God planned for us to take in.
I also reduced my intake of sugar completely, did more of fruits and veggy.
As many that desires this wonderful gift, God will visit and bless you in Jesus name.


Congrats @Abby can’t wait for the grand arrival of our cutie, our prayers are with you dear. Sure when you are far along you will gist us about ur journey.

Yes dear. Thank u @Jay, I will definitely do.

Amen. Thanks dear. Will surely get the Ruzu bitters and start taking it. My sweet tooth is something else but I think it’s time to discipline myself and stop taking sweets and junks. Can’t wait to read the story of your pregnancy journey on here. God who started his work in you will surely perfect all. Looking forward to seeing our cute baby.

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wooooow,congrats @Abby,am so happy for you dear,please reduce stress for now,eat more vegetables and fruits,and hope you coping with the morning sickness,just relax dear and enjoy pregnancy hood.I pray God answer all our ttc,we shall share more testimonies ijn. Amen.


God will perfect that which he has started in your life.


@aydiva @Treasure thank you mamas God will bless you with this wonderful gift as he has done for me too IJN.

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Congrats@abbey and may d Lord grant u stress-free pregnancy and I wish u safe delivery IJN


Ameeeen, thanks @GreatJoy God will visit u and everybody here too b4 this year ends IJN. amen


My husband has been telling me to take Ruzu bitters but because of the bitterness refused. Now am going to take it immediately. But we just meet during my fertile days still waiting to know the result . Can I take it now

@Abby Congratulations fruitful Momma. I’m super excited for you and your DH. May God almighty keep you all safe and healthy throughout your Preggy journey in Jesus name, Amen! I tap into your miracle Sis. Cheers!

Congratulations may God strengthen u through this joyous period n give u a supernatural child birth Amen, we shall all testify in Jesus name