Finally, I'm Pregnant! God did it for me


No dear @Alexkachi I think ruzu is best taken during your flow,cos it a form of detox, I will suggest you wait till ur next cycle before taking it. Hoping and praying it’s a bfp. Amen


I have been seeing comments on ruzu bitters it seems I will try and take one bottle of it to see how it will go, omg I have taken too many herb, English medicine, now am on ginger morning and night, I will just relax a bit cos too much of stuffs into ones system may complicate things.


@Abby big congratulations to you, He who did it for you will do it for all of us, I pray you shall carry to full term, God will be there for you throughout the journey, father remember us all waiting and looking upto you for a miracle.


Dear @Alexkachi I normally take mine during my period and before my ovulation. I will suggest you take it at the beginning of a new cycle. Hopefully God will bless this last cycle for you.


Sis please take it easy dear, Ruzu is not everyday oo. I take mine at the beginning of the cycle before my fertile window


Amen ooo


Pls make una sufrisufri dey take Ruzu, best taken before the ovulation to detoxify, after ovulation pls hold on till d next cycle


HV taken 3bottles of Ruzu herbal bitters at as last 2/3 months ago but d only result I got was no more viginal discharge like bfr and viginal tightening.


:flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed: please stop taking it, you can take Robitussin cough syrup, I understand it helps to increase CM.
Guaifenesin is the main ingredient in Robitussin cough syrup. This particular ingredient can aid in fertility because it improves the quality of a woman’s cervical mucus. At the same time, please don’t overtake it, once CM is restored pls stop usage.


I think everything we take should be in moderation, too much of everything can even cause more harm, but its not entirely our fault, when we looking and believing for fruits, I only wish God can give us a specific month of conception, cos the fact we don’t even know when, seem endless and exhausting, thereby making us take everything and anything, but I know one thing, we are all fruitful, his gifts r perfect, and comes at the perfect time. Haven’t taken ruzu to be honest, but my friend has, and I think it’s best taken during your flow and stop after two cycles, and then continue afterwards. May God hear our cry. Amen






How do you source this ruzu bitter?


You will find Ruzu bitters in pharmacies


@ThefruitfulWife, OK love. Thanks and God bless you.