First Trimester Tests in Antenatal


Congrats on your pregnancy and to make this thread more exciting and informed for FTM (first time moms), prospective and current moms. Here is a quick list of tests that will be conducted as you start your antenatal.

  1. Pap smear (to check for abnormal cells, chlamydia and gonorrhea)
  2. Routine blood test (to confirm HIV status, Rhesus status, Syphilis, Hepatitis,)
  3. Immunity to Rubella and Chicken Pox
  4. Urine sample to check for UTI (Urinary tract infection, preeclampsia, etc)
  5. Test to know if you are at the risk of having diabetes
  6. First semester scan screening to confirm pregnancy and due date.
  7. First semester invasive or non-invasive blood tests and ultrasound scan to detect presence of down syndrome.

I will be updating for the 2nd and 3rd trimesters and other information.
Mamas @Serem @Yeleyemi @Abby @Dyolahh @Chi please give us inside information on this, and any other info I missed out. How are our babies doing? pls rest well and eat plenty leafy vegetabls and fruits.


Also you are to test for;

  • Genotype and blood group
    -protein in urine, [infact all my antenatal days i must go along with my urine,]
    -checking of blood pressure[all antenatal days]
    -haemoglobin status
    -checking of weight and measurement of baby’s growth.
    -Breast exmination


They also checked my blood pressure and ask how much time I sleep. apparently we need enough rest for the baby


Is ok


Weldone mama, I think I did almost all the test listed here and even did stool occult because of my ulcer. Tanks mam