First ultrasound


Pls, has anyone had an ultrasound done early say at 6weeks 1day but scan estimated that its 5weeks and 5days with an intact gestational sac but nothing within the sac and still go on to have a healthy pregnancy?


Although the result of the scan reported an intact gestational sac without specifying if there is content on not. Also advised coming back for repeat scan in 2weeks.


Hold on to your faith it shall be a smooth 9 months for you IJN cause have read about it with positive outcome and i think its even a normal growing pregnancy according to Google


Thanks so much sis. I am holding on 100 percent cause affliction must and shall not rise again in Jesus name. Amen


It is done, let that be your faith and report.
Our God has completed and perfected it. I’m wishing you a wonderful and smooth pregnancy journey.


Amen in Jesus name. Thank you so much!


Congratulations to you. Please I think its too early to be anxious about the baby. Please allow some time for the baby to grow. I’m so happy for you. God will strengthen you in Jesus name.


Thanks ma’am.


Thank you ma. Amen