Free Flow Capsule

Hello Mamas in the house. Please I am new here. My name is Irene, 45years. Been married for 6years and TTC. Been also battling breast cancer for 6years. Have had over 20 courses of Chemotherapy the past 5years. the plenty number of chemo is what affected my fertility. But I know that God, that did not allow me to die through a LL that sickness and chemo will make me a mother like Hannah.

Thanks so much for the warmth and love in this forum. May God bless bless us all and make us to bring forth our children like the Hebrew women.

Please, I came across a Fertility capsule on the internet and want to know if anyone knows about it or has taken it before.and to know if it’s effective.
The name of the capsule is Free Flow Fertility capsule. It’s sold on Jumia, Jiji and others. It’s said to boost the eggs, ovaries, boost fertility, boost ovulation and regulate menstrual flow. And one is supposed to take it from 3moths. It’s sold at about 7000 naira for a pack of 90 capsules.
Please has any Mama here taken it before? I need to know before I buy it. You can Google it on the internet.