Fruitful, hopeful & positive


Hello Ladies,

I am new here… i am trying to conceive. My marriage is almost a year and to be honest am really confused cause i thought this whole conception thing was so easy (well, it is at God’s time) but then again i am lost cause all i prayed, hoped and wished for its a bit slow…

After myomectomy this year, i found out my tubes were blocked this August… did hydrotubation September. Please is there really a brighter side for me on this. Like conceiving, cause i am SCARED!! SAD!! & ALMOST DEPRESSED. please help!


Darling pls don’t loose hope in God OK. He will surely do it at his own time and that his time is NOW. Jesus name is higher than blocked tubes so blocked tubes must bow and give way for your God giving children to come in Jesus name. Amen. You shall soon testify. Cheer up.


Amen dear, yes! God is truly above any blocked tubes. He has the final say… and it is I AM A FRUITFUL VINE, FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE. MY SUPERNATURAL GIFT WILL COME BEFORE DECEMBER, AMEN :pray:


@Persistence, just as your name indicates, you have to persistently tell yourself that you are not barren and you will bear your own children. Our God is the one that consistently makes a way where there seems to be no way. Infact he loves to create way where there’s never been a way, so to your questions, 1. there is a brighter side of joy for you
2. You will conceive your own children
3. God has conquered fear and all our inadequacies
4. Cheer up, don’t be depressed. Be happy always and let the joy of the lord be your strength.
Please follow all that your gynae asked you to do and pray along. Faith without works is dead! Apply your faith and do your part and God will manifest very soon. Amen




Amen, thanks alot dear… i know i will have my own kids… cause there is this positive thought that keeps popping up about me being patient.

Please i want to ask something… my last cycle was for 31 days. ( the past 3 months have been 30 days) and my period last for 6 days… will i use the 30 days to calculate my ovulation or the 31 days of the previous to calculate it cause… my peak ovulation is on the 12th of this month for with the 30 cycle days. Kindly reply.


@Persistence You have the right mindset and God will visit you with your bundles of joy this year. Amen.
I will suggest you use the last three cycles which is 30days. That has always worked for me.


Amen, Thanks dearie… God bless you. Amen


Sis I will suggest you download the App called Flo from App Store. It will help you to calculate ur fertile days and ovulation.


@ogeoma @Persistence the ovulation calculator on this platform also does same. You should give it a try!


Yes, i used it after my question. Thanks


I downloaded it also. Thank you