Ginger used to treat ovarian cysts and clear the fallopian tubes?


The ginger root either fresh or dried contains anti-inflammatory properties and helps in cleansing, relieving pain and improves circulation to the reproductive organs.

These are other benefits of ginger
Has potential to kill ovarian cysts
Reduces swelling in pelvic tissue and organs
Regulates blood sugar
Restores the flow of period
Improves blood circulation to the fallopian tubes and reduce inflammation
Aids digestion
You can boil the ginger root and drink the juice
Removes toxins
Treats amenorrhea (abnormal absence of menstruation)
Increase circulation and promote blood flow to the uterus.
It produces heat in the body that can help regulate menstrual cycle.
Drink 4-5 cups of ginger tea daily to treat infertility as a result of amenorrhea

Make ginger your daily supplement and improve your chances of conception.


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Wish I knew about this Sha maybe I wouldn’t have gone under knives and also ttc.:worried:

You can never tell dear, duration to completely treat may be long depending on the severity. Thank God for life

waoh! That’s interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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Will try this first before i go for my HSG. Thankz for sharing.

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Am so trying this out.

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Hello mummies in the house, I just got ginger from the market, please how do I go about using it? Do I peel off the back before boiling it or I should just wash and boil like that with the back and start drinking it morning and night? Kindly help a sister in need. I hope our day was not too stressful?

Yes dear the day went well, @RedWine how I do mine, I peel off the back, cut in small piece and cook for say about 10min , then all it to cool, before taking it, I try to make it a morning ritual too. Good luck babes

Same way as @Jay too. Nothing serious :blush:

@jay and thefruitfulwife I have already started taking it, thank you very much.

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Weldon Sis

:+1: God will perfect all for you dear.

Since I started drinking ginger and garlic as my daily drinks and still insert gloves of garlic into my cookies jar, I have been experiencing abdominal pains, some times on both sides while other time is one side, I don’t know if is normal or I should just relax, I don’t want to go see any doctor for now since all the treatment they have been giving me has refused to cure infection so is high time I deal with it with natural stuffs before going to see them. I feel my delay is cos of this infection, please give me gist how you did yours, I also chew garlic morning and night.

@RedWine good morning dear, please stop the insertion part, I don’t do that. I only take the ginger drink mostly at night and all I noticed is that I empty my bowels regularly unlike before and my tommy has even reduced. I will suggest you stop the drinking, chewing and insertion completely and watch for one week to see if there are any changes. hugs

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@RedWine my dear I tried that insertion thing some years back, it wasn’t funny, so I was placed on antibiotics and began to use that insertion veejay tablet and the cream, it really helped, while hubby was given his as well. pls do stop the insertion of garlic, I think it’s abit harsh, and can disorganise the natural environment there, have you tried changing all your undies too, take alot of water, I think you still need to c another gynea to prescribe strong antibiotics for both you and DH, you can be taking it with d ginger drink, and remember the itch won’t just varnish in a day, it depends on the severity. Easy hun

Is ok I will stop the insertion, will be drinking it pending when it all vanish, I still feel itching inside the cookies jar, it means I need to visit another hospital cos the ones I have already treated, gave Injection and still no result. The thing is that while taking the treatment the infection will behave as if is no more but once I finish the treatment the thing will come back. Is only during my monthly period that I can be free. Am tired of swab, treatment, inserting drugs,

@ Jay I have also changed my undies immediately I started taking the ginger and garlic, thank you all for your concern.

Pele my love my prayers are with you. God’s healing hands upon you. It’s OK try see another gynea, and pls don’t get tired until you get there. Much love sis @RedWine

Thanks ma

Be rest assured, its foreign to your body and will leave by the grace of God. I’m sure another gynae might prescribe something better that will clear it away. :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: