Going through IVF cycle

Hi I just need someone to talk to, this is my second ivf cycle and it’s FET…I’m 10dp6dt…no more symptoms I’m suppose to see AF on 9th of this month and I’m having menstrual cramps once in a while…I’m so worried I just dunno how to feel…I’m feeling so down I dunno why my beta is on Tuesday pls pray for me

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Hi Moore. Do not despair. I had 2 unsuccessful FETs and was so sure they worked because of the myriad of symptoms but they failed. The 3rd one which I had zero symptoms and thought I felt period cramps was successful. I am now 20 weeks pregnant and still have very little symptoms - no M/S, no 2nd trimester issues. So just hang in there until your beta. Wish you all the best.

Pweetty_kika thanks so much…I pray this works out for me

Amen dear. Do you have more frozen embies?

No…I’m so worried…used a pt strip on 6dp6dt I got a faint positive(very faint tho)…did on 10 days past too,got a faint positive in morning then negative in the afternoon urine

I know how you feel as I have been in the same shoes. For my successful FET, I checked on 5dp5dt and got negative, tried again 2 days after and it’s was very faint positive which was barely there. I decided against checking and I traveled out of the country for a few days anyway. By the time I was back which was a day before my blood PT and beta, I then bought the digital test. When I used it, I saw 2 - 3weeks pregnant. Of course the rest is history. The successful FET was my very last set of embies. Froze 10 after my fresh transfer which failed too and I suffered serious OHSS which had me admitted. I transferred the last 3 embies on the 3rd and final one and it worked and only one stuck. We believe we went through everything for this one baby (hope to find out the gender this week). The point of my story is don’t despair. Tuesday is around the corner. I am routing for you.

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Thank u so much,I’ll keep you updated

Hi pwetty_kika I tested negative😭…

Oh dear. I am so sorry. Although, I know the feeling, I can’t imagine the hurt you feel. I don’t know anything about your journey (How long you have been on it, what the issue is and what you have done) but I will say just take some time off this to heal and restrategize. Take heart dear.

I don’t have Fallopian tubes,every other thing are perfect so I still dunno why this is happening to me

Ok dear. I believe pregnancy will happen despite the delay. Just stay positive and reevaluate your process. I did that on my last cycle and found out I wasn’t taking my estrogen tablets during the failed ones which made all the difference. Where did you cycle at?

I know how you feel right now, my first transfer I cried my eyes out locked myself up for days, to say I got the bad news on the first day of the year was another thing entirely, please just take this as one of those things, braze up, have some time out, clear your head. Everyday is always a new day to try again… :kiss: :kiss: