Good Hospital for Antenatal in your location


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Hello beautiful mothers, how are we all doing? So I went to visit my friend who is 6 months pregnant and she was lamenting about the fees she paid for her antenatal as well as the horrible experience she was receiving. She’s actually seeking out other good hospitals she can continue using for her antenatals in her last trimester.

I started researching and asking questions and I realized people have different bad experiences and fee extortions from the so called hospitals. I don’t want to mention hospitals cos I no dey do free advert :roll_eyes:, but some hospitals actually rank as offering quality services for antenatals.

Mamas in the house who are FTM (First time mom) and mothers with kids, please share with us your experience to help other FTM and aspiring mothers. Happy Friyayyyy!


Its not adviceable to change hospitals while pregnant except in extreme cases As for antenatal services and delivery,almost all hospitals have their own issues,if you are using a private hospital they will sure bill you.
During antenatals they will force you to buy drugs you wont be able to take,you will do series of blood tests before you register for antenatals,these are many to extract money from you.
Sometimes if you dont have complains they will even force you to see the doctor,and of course doctors will pack plenty drugs for you they will even refer you for unecessary scans and tests,come to delivery day you will buy the needful and what you not going to use,though CS is more expensive than vagina birth,the main thing is to be alive with the baby.
I pray God connects us to the right hospital,


My case is different bcos my HMO is paying and it depends on what is covered. If you can try use First consultants or St. Nicholas. Another one I need recommendation for is Mother and Child in Ikeja but their website leaves nothing to impress. My sister is using St. Nicholas and said services are good.


@Abby @Yeleyemi @Yeleyemi @Dyolahh @Chi mamas oya make una share hospitals where una dey use and other info too abeg. We are joining this year by the grace of God.


Hmmm. I plan using federal staff hospital in gwarimpa abuja. They have experienced midwives and is known as the best in gwarimpa for antenatal


For me my HMO is rubbish, so we had to register with an hospital close to my home St Nicholas


Mamas and mamas to be I love u all, I can not advice any I love to go to the hospital blc doctors are now in one meeting all the know is to operate cs blc of the money the will get, any woman who want to give birth well without any tear even if u have been giving birth through cs that person will u without any problem, am talking with 100percent confidence, mama this is real


Thanks dear @Suzy, pls what is your suggestion? I also observed most doctors always advise on CS but it’s a choice if all is going good as per baby 's position and other factors.


Ehn ehn, na wah o