Gynecologist Visit on Friday Nov 15, 2019

Good evening my fruitful and beautiful mommas, we are planning on having a consultant gynecologist on this forum and our Facebook page on Saturday at 7pm. Please start sending in all your questions on this thread by replying so he can see them Saturday. You will also have access to contact and consult with him if you wish to on a one to one basis. Let’s support ourselves and help another woman achieve her dreams of becoming a mother.
Let the questions start coming in and baby dusts to everyone here!


Goof afternoon and many Thanks for the opportunity to interact with a gynecologist.
I’m 30 been TTC for over 3months,I have been on folici acid,vitamin e,used pregnacare(for TTC) and lastly I user clomid 50mg last month (Oct) and yet I’m still believing God. What could be the issue? I did a pelvic scan in August and the doctor said there is uterine myoma which isn’t an issue. I will be a mother of nations by the grace of God.


What could be the causes of a repeated miscarriage at exactly 6weeks and some days??baby dust to everyone.


Good morning and Tnks for giving me opportunity to be in this group.
Am 33 and I have a 3yr old boy ever since I gave birth to him have never take in again have been to my doctor severally but nothing show up thu,i gave birth thru cs.

What can be causing repeated PID and no conception?

What can be causing delay after tests showed hormones are in normal range, pelvic scan good and SFA too good. Been trying for 4 years, had miscarriage once at 15 weeks.

Dear Mommas, our sincere apologies, due to some reasons beyond our control, the chat with the Gynecologist has been moved to Next Friday, November 15th, 2019 at 7pm. we hope you can make it a date with us towards our support to make every woman a mother.
Please keep your questions coming.

good morning. I have been ttc foe 5years, I had fibroid issues and was operated on 6months ago. after I recovered from the surgery, I started trying again, I’m on pregnacare conception and hubby is on wellman. What else can I do?

@Sabeela @Floxy_Iy_Oni @Wandy33 @Bint_4 @Aremu @MamaTwins @anonymous51 Hello my sisters this is a quick reminder to all everyone that the invited consultant gynaecologist will be speaking with us tomorrow at 7pm on live video on our Facebook page
I will be reposting only your questions on our Facebook page without your profile names and you can also get to ask him questions during the fertility talk.

Good afternoon my fruitful mommas, for those that posted questions in the Gynae talk, the gynae answered your questions in the second video. Happy watching. @trust_level_0

Ok momma.
Is it safe for me been ttc for 4months and I’m 30 but my tommy fat is getting on another level,can I use waist trainer or do sit up exercise?

@Sabeela please do, ttc doesn’t stop us from looking and feeling healthy, sexy and fit. But once you take in, no more waist trainer and sit ups . Baby dusts momma.

Good morning ma’am. My name is Nkechi and am 28. Please can I use folic acid as a TTC mom? thanks

Good morning and welcome you @Luvlynk Nkechi, and happy to have you here. Yes you can, infact it’s very important for all women trying to conceive to start using folic acid right away.

Good afternoon mommas,
Happy New year

Please is it possible not to ovulate and still get pregnant ?

What are the chances like?

Thank you

@Shayo good afternoon momma, medically it’s not.

My baby is two years now I have been trying for 6months now …I have taken clinic follicle acid presently am on vitamin e wit follicle acid.all results prove ok for me.God of miracle must answer prayer ijn

Please what Is best treatment for high prolactin… Parlodel or dostinex

Your gynae is the best to prescribe, because the dosage too will depend on your test result an d other information

Ameen, I like that spirit, He will definitely answer. At times the delay is unexplainable but it’s also good to seek a gynae for further findings. Baby dust momma